La dolce vita…some exciting news!

5 Oct

So, there is some exciting news to announce in my life…

I am moving to Rome. Initially just for a month, to see how I like the city and if it’s right for me.

I’ll be honest and say that despite my 7 year love affair with Italy, this was not the easiest of decisions to make. There are so many things to consider and take into consideration, and although I shall only be there a month, I am 70% certain it will lead to a move out there. That has longer-term implications that I must consider. To help anyone who might be considering something similar, here are the points I had to consider in coming to the decision to take the leap!

1. Work
I have a pretty decent (going by the state of the economy here in the UK) job that is local to my home and pays well. Yes, it’s in Communications and allows me to write, but if I’m honest, I see it more as a means to pay my bills rather than a ‘career’. I am allowed 25 days paid holiday a year, to take as I choose. I work with may Europeans (including Italians) who traditionally save most of their holiday for a month off in August. My plan is to do just that – except I am taking February.

2. Home
I have owned my own home since I was 21 and for the last 8 years have mostly financed the day to day of that alone. It’s been heartbreakingly hard at times but I see my home as my enabler. I will leave it as it is for the month  I am there but in the long term will have to factor in that I will need to rent it out.

3. Mum
My beloved ‘Mummy B’…my bestest friend and most loyal confidante who I miss terribly, even when she is only 10 minutes down the road from me. Telling her I was thinking of this month away was hard, because like me she knows that this is the start of something much more long-term, and the reality of not seeing her (and my Pops!) when I want is heartbreaking. But, despite that, she supports me and I know will be behind me in every way possible.







4. My bestest friends
I have 2 best friends in my life that no matter what, never judge me and are always there for me. I am lucky to have met these people and will miss them terribly! I have made them both promise to come out and stay with me when I am there so we can all enjoy the Eternal City together!

5. The Mogs!
My beloved kitties, Harry and Boo who are amazing and a huge part of my life. 50% pure-bred and 50% moggy they add up to 100% of crazy, stupid love and I will miss them terribly for the month I am away. Long-term, I will factor in any apartment that I should rent there to be good enough for their dolce vita too!

I have to keep reminding myself that this is ‘just a month’ to start with, but I know this will not be the end of my Italian dream…

“Our story is only just beginning”

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