Love in the Eternal City: Valentines Day in Rome

26 Nov

The clue really is in the name…’Roma’-nce. Is the Eternal City the most romantic place to spend Valentine’s Day?


Look through some brief history and it will tell you that Saint Valentine is a third century Roman saint associated with the tradition of courtly love who died on February 14th. Traditionally, it was mid-February that was chosen by Romans to meet and ‘court’ new people. It was the handwritten gestures of admiration that built to the red-tinted craze we now know as St Valentine’s Day.

There is no doubt that Rome is one of the most romantic cities in the world. Steeped in ancient history, you are offered a heady cocktail of day-long (and accepted!) wine drinking, seductive food and a backdrop of basilicas, monuments and ruins to add just some more drama and intrigue to February 14th. And, not forgetting, the divine charm of the Roman males, (consider this English girl sold!) who’s old school wooing techniques will have your heart racing in no time.

So where in Rome is best to spend the most roman-tic of days?

The Trevi Fountain
As obvious as it may seem, this is one of the most romantic spots in the city. Visit at night when the fountain is looking its finest, and throw a coin in together, guaranteeing your return to the city.

The Trastevere Neighbourhood
One of my favourite neighborhoods in the city, the Trastevere holds its charm in the ancient cobbled streets that haven’t changed for generations. The unique character of the area attracts independent artists and famous people alike. Strolling through these streets hand in hand is one of the most romantic experiences in the city.

Piazza Navona
In the heart of the city, this famous Piazza features 2 amazing fountains and a wonderful buzz from all those that are there. It has long been a meeting place for the inhabitants of Rome. Full of acrobats and performers, it is guaranteed a great place to spend part of your Valentine’s Day.

Pincian Hill
Personally, I consider the Pincian Hill as one of the most romantic places in the city, offering a breathtaking view of the Piazza del Popolo and all of Rome.
Pack up a champagne picnic and spend the day watching the bustle of the city pass beneath you.

Rome is a city perfect for Valentine’s Day. If you want to escape the city, visit Castel Gandolfo, a small Italian town in Lazio overlooking Albano lake, about 15 miles south-east of Rome (take the train from Termani – about an hour).  It is most famous for being the summer residence of the Pope.The town was voted one of the most beautiful towns in Italy. Walk the Albano lake, then walk up to the town to enjoy a great cappuccino or lunch, overlooking the tranquil beauty of the lake.

Roma-nce can be found within the city walls and beyond. I for one, cannot wait to experience a Roman Valentine’s Day in 2013.

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