Postponing plans – see you in 6 months Rome!

18 Dec


So, a lot of developments have taken place since my last post. It never fails to amaze me how life can change course in the blink of an eye! So, what’s the latest news…

February Plans
I am no longer spending my month in Rome in February – fear not, I will still be there for 2 weeks starting on 2nd February, but instead of coming to study, I am coming to learn…there is still so much of Rome I haven’t seen and plan on spending the two weeks I have there exploring the city and the areas around it.

What’s 6 months in the course of a lifetime?!
The atmosphere at work hasn’t been great since the pre-Christmas redundancies were announced. It was that which was driving me to forge on ahead with my Italian plans, but I felt that it was time controlling me, not me controlling my time. Luckily, work is now secured until mid-July, and as much as it upsets me to postpone my Italian dream, logically, it makes more sense to stay here for the 6 months, work, save, rent my house, save more and then look to move mid-summer. It does make more sense that way (sorting pet passports can take MONTHS!) and in the course of a lifetime, 6 months is nothing! And I can rack up more air-miles flying to/from Italy in the meanwhile!

All work and no play make…..?
Work is always a tricky subject, especially when hunting in another country. About 2 weeks ago when I was looking for work in Rome, I was amazed at how much contact I had. I registered on a site called Au Pair World and had some great contacts from people in Italy, one couple that I loved the sound of, who lived in downtown Rome, looking for an Au Pair. I was ecstatic when I heard from them, we exchanged emails and seem to have a lot in common. It breaks my heart to say no to them – they were offering everything I wanted; downtown Rome is one of my favourite areas, a great apartment in a century-old building, a cat! I can only live in hope that similar roles are available when I make the move permanently.

Christmas and New Year 2012
So it’s a week today until Christmas day – and I can’t wait! I love Christmas and will be spending it at home with my parents and Aunt and Uncle from Cornwall! It’ll be a great few days and I love spending time with my family!
New Year’s Eve I am flying out to Rome to spend 4 days with the boy. Looks like 2013 will be brought in at at house party with lots of champagne and my home-made brownies…flown out there in my hand-luggage!

So, there’s not much left to say except a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my readers!


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