When life hands you lemons….make Limoncello!

12 Jan


As you may know, moving to Italy has been high on my ‘wish list’ for some time. It’s the main focus behind this blog and the one thing that keeps me awake at night!

Anyone who has contemplated a move abroad will understand the thoughts that run through your mind, day and night, and how you can go from positive and excited to scared witless in a matter of hours! The journey you take (emotionally!) when deciding to make a move like this is incredibly personal, and everyone has their own personal reasons to take the leap! I have thought about moving to Italy (albeit dreamily!) since I first visited, but the time wasn’t right. That was 8 years ago, and I believe that now is the time. The circumstances behind each move can change the thought process completely, and as I said, it’s incredibly personal!

The decision has been made…I’m making the move. There is a magical draw to Italy, and as I reach the 30th year of being, I think this pocket of time is the best for me to take the plunge! So, what do I do now?

1. Rome is the place for me…I have visited many parts of Italy, but Rome captivates me. I have friends there, and that makes the process and logistics of moving a lot easier – having people you can turn to when you can’t/don’t understand something in a country where you don’t speak the language! I have found a potential place to live; a great 2 bed apartment in the Nomentana area of Rome.

2. My house will be going on the market in a matter of weeks…not an easy decision, but I have dedicated the last 8 years to renovating, maintaining and running my home, and that has been tough at times. Now is the time to make the house work for me.

3. I need to sort pet passports for the cats, and arrange their travel to Rome. The decision to take them has had me going back and forth in my mind. But I realised that there will be moments when I am in Rome that I will crave something from home, some comfort and a reminder, and they can do that perfectly! And they deserve la dolce vita too! Anyone in the UK planning a similar move can find out more information about pet passports here

4. Plan, pack, sort and throw out all of my belongings! I have a bit of a self-imposed deadline as my parents leave the UK on April 25th for up to 5 months, and there is no way I can do all this without them being here. I will need their emotional and physical support! My leaving has to coincide with theirs and likewise, I don’t want to wait until they return, as that could be as late in the year as September, and if I wait 8 months to make this move I will a) go mad and b) probably talk myself out of it! The time is now!

5. Save, save, save all I can fund-age wise to help build up some cash to have behind me. It makes no sense to waste money on boozy nights out between now and when I go and that’s a sacrifice worth making in my opinion! It costs more that you can imagine to relocate, and there are costs (pet passports/travel/vaccinations, storage for the things at home you may ship out later, added baggage when flying out for the first time etc) that some people may over-look, so it does help to be careful with what ‘luxuries’ you may spend out on pre-move!

So, in 4 months time, I hope to be living the dream…follow me on my journey!


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