Life…add wine and pasta

28 Jan

After what has felt like one of the most stressful weeks/weekends of my life, I woke this morning with a fresh perspective. I was very close to pulling the plug on the whole ‘la dolce vita’ dream…

Something inside must have snapped overnight, as I woke up feeling about 1million times better than I did 6 hours previously. Maybe it was the hours spent before bed watching Italian cookery shows before I slept, but I felt much more myself this morning. I can’t pinpoint the exact change, but there have been a few things this weekend that have cheered me right up (4am soppy text from my best friend included!).

Life itself is like a recipe; what you add changes the whole flavour of the final dish. If you add negativity, you get something that’s not pleasant and not enjoyable. Its pretty self explanatory.


For me, my most favourite flavour of Italy is carbonara…its rich, comforting, and naughty (…insert ‘just how I like my men’ comment here!). Side that with a bottle of red wine and I am happy. If you look at the way Italians view life, they have it spot on. They don’t sweat the small stuff; they keep their calm (unless football is involved!) and I can’t ever recall seeing an Italian as stressed as us Brits get over the smallest of things!

I planned a while ago that the night before I fly out to Rome for my 2 weeks, I’d cook carbonara for the parents to get us in the mood for a few days together in Rome. So, its this that I am focusing on. The shut off point of the last few weeks of crap times and sleepless nights. That yummy dish will be the start of a fantastic two week holiday/trail where I plan to relax, eat, drink, see sights, eat gelato, and generally see how I feel living in the Eternal City.

So, thank you carbonara…you have saved my bacon, yet again!

2 Responses to “Life…add wine and pasta”

  1. Suzie Rogers February 3, 2013 at 7:42 pm #

    Hi. I love your blog and can totally relate to your passion for Rome. I myself moved out to Italy 10 years ago. However, a word to the wise – concentrate on falling for the place and not the Italian men. Believe me, if you like your men rich, comforting and naughty you’d be better off staying put. The reality is nearer to chauvinistic, arrogant and self-centered. Italian men literally need to be mothered and the initial facade of eternal happiness is nothing more than a clever entrapment; an unwitting acceptance into a world of slavery. As you can probably tell, I am bitter, but that’s because I’ve fallen for the same thing twice now. Culturally, they are a different animal and they know how to pray on the weak. Okay … so now you really can enjoy your trip!

    • NinaButterfield February 4, 2013 at 8:32 am #

      Hi there Suzie! Thanks so much for your comment and praise for the blog! Where abouts in Italy did you move to and from? I am sorry to hear you’ve not had a great time with the Italian males – it is true that they do have quite a negative stereotype and some do live up to that very well! Luckily for me, the Italian man in my life is the complete opposite of the stereotype! His friends are all very decent guys too and seem to go against what most people percieve of the typical Italian guy…I hope that now you are much happier in Italy – its such a wonderful place and the culture suits me so well! Keep in touch if you wish, Nina x

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